Naturis extracts its bright red colorants from the cochineal known as Dactylopius coccus Costa. This source of natural color has been used for different purposes since pre-Colombian times. At present it is widely used in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

After years of research work, Naturis developed a carminic acid-based technology, giving birth to a whole new generation of colorants in the market.

Because carminic acid products used in the market for regular consumption are aluminium-calcium lakes, made from lake powder (50% carminic acid), whereas the remaining 50% is a mixture of aluminium, calcium and cochineal proteins, thus requiring an ammoniacal solution to dissolve.

Unlike other lakes, the Naturis colorant is a pure and natural product. It is aluminium-free, without any ammoniacal odor and contains less than 1% proteins.

Naturis has added to its natural properties the advantage of a customized colorant in order to meet your needs. Thus, it remains stable at different pH values (including acid pH), resists sunlight, has different tones and presentations specifically designed to meet industrial needs.
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Why not enjoy the advantages offered by Naturis at lake cost?

Naturis colorants are manufactured under a strict quality control program, having the RPPA certificate and SENASA’s approval. The analytical methods used in their manufacturing process are made available to our customers.

Our state-of-the-art technology enables us to lower costs as well as to ensure optimal wastewater treatment. Consequently, our processes are clean and environmentally friendly.
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